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What decision you make about giving birth is not our business, but making sure you have the support you need and the resources to make an informed decision so you can have the best birth possible is.
It is our intention to create a space where you can learn, be inspired, be encouraged, and then make a decision that fully allows you to be confident in yourself, secure in the steps you take, and have the support you need throughout your process.

I have a strong belief that wherever a woman feels most comfortable giving birth is precisely where she should give birth: a hospital, at home, or a birthing center. But I also have a strong belief that the best birth possible for a healthy, low-risk pregnancy* is one that relies on as much scientific evidence as possible.

Surprisingly, as a culture, we have started to favor and rely on technologies, interventions, and the voice of "conventional knowledge" to shape many of our decisions. For an event as important as birth—the health and well being of mothers and babies—and arguably the foundation of society, I believe it is imperative to be informed…to do your research…and to understand the importance of the decisions you make.

But after a significant journey of really wanting to be informed with as much scientific evidence possible Read More>>

* Statistically speaking 83% of pregnancies are low risk: mother is through her 37th week, has had a normal pregnancy without complications thus far, carrying one child, and baby is in a head-first position5.