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Theresa is intelligent, passionate, caring, and encouraging. She has an optimistic energy that is contagious, helping her clients trust and believe in themselves and their strengths.

I have appreciated her support and guidance as a friend and fellow doula, and having worked with her side-by-side at a birth. She brings the same wise support and guidance to her clients.

-Sarah (birth doula, Bearing Joy Doula Services)

We first heard about Theresa from our friends who had a wonderful experience with her as their birth coach. Once my husband and I learned that we wouldn’t know a head of time who our midwife would be for the delivery, we knew that having a birth coach would be the consistency that we wanted. We picked Theresa because of our friend’s referral and because of her passion and knowledge of natural births.

I really enjoyed our prenatal meetings with Theresa because she made it a point to get to know us on a personal level and she was a helpful resource for everything pregnancy and delivery related.

Once I was in active labor at the hospital, it was very reassuring to know that Theresa was there to take care of the little things, like making sure my husband was taken care of and that our midwife and nurses knew what our birth plan was. Theresa did a great job of anticipating my needs and suggesting ways for me to get/stay comfortable. After our son was born, I needed some work done and having Theresa there was a huge asset. She got my husband started on skin-to-skin time with our son and she held my hand and comforted me while the doctors did their thing.

I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy having Theresa taking photos during the labor and delivery but after the fact, I am so glad she did! It was nice to look back and see all of the moments she captured that we had forgotten about because there was so much going on. I loved the slide show that she made for us and used that to share our son’s birth story with our loved ones.

I really appreciate the help and support that we received from Theresa and I recommend her as a birth coach to all expecting parents! -Kristin

Going into meeting with Theresa for the first time, I had a basic understanding of what a birth coach does, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn how personal the future interactions would become. I thought a birth coach would be like another nurse in the room, but Theresa explained how she would be there to support us on a more intimate and personal level.

Once at the hospital and my wife was in labor, it was comforting to have her there, looking out for us and keeping us on track. She helped us to not get lost in the chaos of the hospital.

The biggest help Theresa provided to me personally, was directly after my son was born. She helped guide me through the next steps of what to do, while my wife was being taken care of by doctors and I was taking care of my son. She also was thoughtful and made sure I kept eating and drinking to keep my energy level high.

As a first time dad, having Theresa at the birth was an invaluable experience due to all the little things she helped with, along with the personal support. -Adam

In the last few months of my pregnancy, one of the many thoughts racing though my head was, ; How will we get through this, when neither of us has done this before?!; my partner and I felt prepared for the baby, but were pretty clueless about the actual delivery. When we met Theresa, that doubt began to fade away.

Getting to know Theresa was one of the greatest bonding experiences and emotional investments we could have made. Theresa made time for both of us as a couple and one on one. Our relationship grew into a friendship and by the time my water broke, Theresa had become a close confidant.

During the labor, my partner was able to lean on Theresa for advice and support. And, I was able to lean on him. Theresa continually reassured me and encouraged me to keep focused on my baby.

Deciding to have a doula was one of the most important and wonderful choices we made. I understood that having a birth coach could decrease the pain and duration of labor, but I didn't know that I could have such a positive birth experience. -Dana P.

Having never even known what a doula was, I had no idea what to expect when meeting with Theresa. After our first meeting together, I was not only educated on a doula's job, but also discovered how educated, dedicated, and personable Theresa was.

I met with Theresa one-on-one a couple occasions, and she was able to put my mind at ease on what I needed to do to support my wife during labor, and she reassured that she would be right there to help me out and answer any questions I might have.

During my wife's labor, I was amazed at the level of professionalism Theresa maintained, even during the hardest parts of the labor. Regardless of the situation, she was right there to coach and support both of us, and keep us focused on the birth of our son.

Having Theresa right there to assist us helped our son's birth to be a very positive experience. I would highly recommend Theresa to anyone seeking the knowledge and services of a birth coach.

Jordan P.

Having Theresa as my birth coach was integral to my birth experience. Having her there made me feel less alone, less cornered, and more secure. Her presence made me feel more empowered and strong enough to make my own decisions about how I wanted to birth, because I knew she would back me up if needed.

She also had a variety of useful (and incredibly relieving) tricks to help me cope with my contractions. The ones that were most helpful to me were the counter-pressure and the positions on the birthing ball. I know I never would have thought of even trying those things!

I really liked that she seemed to know just when she was needed and just when to leave my husband and I to labor together. She was very open to any idea I suggested, and paid great attention to my cues to know what was helping and what wasn't. She was great at remembering pain relief ideas we spoke of prior to my labor (which was great, because I couldn't think about anything at all during labor!)

Having Theresa at my daughter's birth was one of the best decisions I ever made.

-Jessica K.

When my wife said she wanted a birth coach at our daughter's birth, I was skeptical. I didn't want someone else doing what I considered to be my job! But she was great to have there, and I could tell it really helped my wife feel more relaxed, knowing that she had two other people there to help her speak her mind and ask for what she needed, and I still got to support my wife when she needed me the most. Theresa also had some neat tricks that she did to help relieve my wife's back pain during labor—I could tell it helped her a lot!

Nick C.

With our first kid ever on the way, I was very nervous and anxious about the birth. I didn't know how my wife was going to endure going through labor and I wasn't sure how I was going to soothe her pain. This is where Theresa stepped in with exercises for us to try with common practices used for soothing. With the pregnancy on the way, we gained some certainty that things would go over ok and we had a clue in the world what to expect. I highly recommend Theresa as a birth coach for first time parents or for your next baby.

-Mishka B.