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"This package is primarily for clients who are not quite sure if they are interested in having a birth coach at their birth or not, but who would appreciate support in creating an empowering birth plan. This session lasts 1-2 hours, and all aspects of a typical birth are covered. If after this session you choose to hire me for birth coaching services, all fees will be applied directly to the birth coaching fees."

My intention as your birth coach is to help support your dreams for childbirth—whether you have those dreams already clearly defined or if you are still gathering all the pertinent information to make an informed choice for your family. Birth can be an empowering experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Why so overwhelming?...Well, because the decisions you make matter. A LOT. And chances are this isn't something you've had a lot of practice with before.

I imagine you've read conflicting advice. You might even have dissonance inside yourself or inside your relationship. Your mind (or your partner) say one thing, but your heart says another…not to mention all the emotions that come along with pregnancy that make everything just a wee bit more confusing than ever before. All of this is normal. Pregnancy and birth decisions are not cut and dry. Not black and white. And unfortunately, you can't cheat off your friends. What might have been right for them might not be what is right for you. BUT you're not alone. You can ask for support. You can learn from others. And you can hire a birth coach, even for just this part of your journey!

With this package in mind, my goal is to draw upon as much evidence-based material as possible to help you through the challenging bits (help you talk through some of the big decisions) so that you can be confident in the decisions you make and know that whatever you set your mind to IS possible and help you resolve any underlying questions you might have.