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  Birth Coaching Services  

A lot of people have questions about birth coaches: what is a birth coach (doula)? What does a birth coach do? What role would our birth coach play?

My answer:
My intention as a birth coach is to create a space where you can learn about the birth process, be inspired, be encouraged, and then make a decision that fully allows you to be confident in yourself, secure in the steps you take, and have the support you need throughout your process.

Much of the success you can find with a birth coach comes from the continuity of care you receive throughout your entire process. You can be assured that I will spend a significant amount of time listening to you so that I can help you formulate a birth plan that is right for your family, answer the various questions you might have, be available to you throughout your pregnancy, provide continuous care throughout your labor (including early labor) utilizing various pain management/position techniques, and additional postnatal support to ensure you are making a smooth transition as a family. My overall goal is to fully support your experience so that it can be positive and empowering.

•Having a birth coach as a part of labor support "reduces the overall cesarean rate by 50%, the length of labor by 25%, the practice of induction by 40%, pain medication by 30%, the need for forceps by 40%, and requests for epidurals by 60%"1

1Klaus, M., Kennell,J., Klaus, P. Mothering the Mother. Addison-Wesley Publishing Co, 1993.