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I have a heart for supporting natural birth; but more than that, I have a passion for supporting all families to have the best birth possible—no matter where or under what circumstance they chose to give birth. There are absolutely situations that require the use of interventions; there are some moms whose perfect birth story includes the use of an epidural. I support your choices. However you decide to give birth, especially if you do so from a place of authority and deep-knowing, can absolutely be a beautiful, empowering, life-changing decision for you, for your family, and for society!

Besides the absolutely beautiful impact this work has had on my life, I also consider what I am doing and this website as a testimony and love-letter to my sister. My sister, 15 years my senior, directly inspired me by sharing years worth of research and study in this field. Devoting her academic years (ultimately receiving her Ph.D) to the study of birth in various cultures, she provided for me great insight into what's possible. Her dream for childbirth manifested itself in a book entitled Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds.

Her dream inspired mine: my dream for childbirth is that all women can have an empowering, inspiring, fulfilling birth experience. And once achieved, they share their story with other women so they, too, can have courage and see birth as a rewarding experience.